Bring Up The Bodies – Hilary Mantel

Bring Up The Bodies is the second instalment in the Thomas Cromwell series by award-winning author Hilary Mantel. The story begins where Wolf Hall left off. Anne Boleyn is quickly falling out of favour. She has failed to do the one thing she was expect to – to provide Henry with a son and heir. Thomas Cromwell has risen to power alongside the Boleyns. As the … Continue reading Bring Up The Bodies – Hilary Mantel

Lorde – Melodrama

Melodrama can best be described as Lorde’s coming-of-age album. She released her first studio album, Pure Heroin, back in 2013 at the tender age of 16. Back then the lyrics of her songs, the most notable being “Royals” and “Tennis Court”, were a critique of materialism and popular culture. Four years later, Melodrama is a showcase of the artist’s transition into adulthood. At the age of 20, the … Continue reading Lorde – Melodrama


Girls came to an end earlier this year after a successful six-season run on HBO. The series created by writer/director/actress Lena Dunham follows the lives of four young women in their 20s as they face personal and professional struggles in New York as they attempt to find their place in the world. When the series opens up, Hannah (Lena Dunham), an aspiring writer who can’t land … Continue reading Girls

The Secret Life Of Bees – Sue Monk Kidd

South Carolina, 1964. Lily Owens, a girl of fourteen haunted by the belief that she accidentally killed her mother when she was four, decides to leave the peach plantation where she lives with her hateful father and run away with her black maid Rosaleen after she is put in jail for getting into trouble with a gang of the most racist men in town. Following … Continue reading The Secret Life Of Bees – Sue Monk Kidd

A musical ode to hopes and dreams

La La Land (Damien Chazelle, 2016) follows the efforts of Mia (Emma Stone) and Seb (Ryan Gosling) to fulfil their dreams. She is an aspiring actress looking for her first break while he is a pianist whose sole ambition is to save jazz, an art form he believes is in decline. When their paths cross they do anything they can to keep each other believing … Continue reading A musical ode to hopes and dreams

The Kingkiller Chronicle – Patrick Rothfuss

The Kingkiller Chronicle trilogy by Patrick Rothfuss tells the story of Kvothe – a young boy of the Edema Ruh (travellers) who loses his family to a pack of demons. After the horrible events of that fateful night, Kvothe sets off on a mission to discover all that he can about the creatures who murdered his family so that he can hopefully avenge them. The only … Continue reading The Kingkiller Chronicle – Patrick Rothfuss