Castle is heartborken, Alexis has been kidnapped!



Just when it looked like life couldn’t get any better for Richard Castle… it doesn’t. He finally got the girl and he still gets to act like a kid on Christmas every time they have a wacky murder to solve. Life seems picture perfect… until one of their murder cases turns out to involve a kidnapping of two young girls. And one of them is Alexis, Castle’s daughter.

Investigating the murder of a man found hit by a car they discover that he had been hired by a rich Egyptian to protect his daughter from every possible threat, since he seems to be one of the most-hated men in Egypt. From some video footage they are able to find the van in which the girls were taken.

Alexis has been kidnapped!
Alexis has been kidnapped!

Castle is frantic. The case involves pools of blood and fake adresses with empty basements. There seems to be absolutely no trace of Alexis and her friend anywhere. Their kidnappers have done a good job in covering their tracks. They seem to want to keep the girls alive… what for? No clue.

But Alexis is Castle’s daughter and is badass. She manages to calm her friend down and together they make a plan to get out of the room where they’re being held and get a message out to the cops to help them find them. They manage to get out and Alexis grabs hold of a phone and Skypes her father and the FBI traces the call… all the way to Paris, France, half way across the world.

From the promo for next weeks episode we know that Castle travels all the way to the City of Love to find his daughter. Since Paris is a long way out of the NYPD’s jurisdiction, Kate Beckett and company have no right to pursue any leads. It seems that Castle goes all Liam-Neeson-in-Taken on us, as Detective Ryan cleverly points out. And… seems that some light will be cast on the matter of Castle’s father.

Can’t wait! Watch Castle season 5 episode 16 “Hunt”, premiers next Monday.


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