The CW: new, renewed and cancelled

The CW announced their new line-up of shows for next season (2013-2014) in New York on May 16th. As we expected the new programming is as great as always, with action packed story lines, including a bit of historical fiction, new mysteries and interesting characters, –vampires, witches, aliens, people with special powers and royals.

CW's new shows for next season
CW’s new shows for next season

The 100 is set in a future when the earth has been destroyed by nuclear Armageddon. The only human survivors were those who were living in space stations at the time of Earth’s decimation. Resources in the space stations are now running out and the human leaders will send a group of 100 juvenile delinquents to see if Earth is finally habitable after ninety-seven years of the nuclear disaster. The 100 find themselves in a land they could never have even dreamed of, a planet full of magic — but also full of dangers lurking round every corner. They will have to learn to survive in the wilderness of a world unknown.

The Tomorrow People follows the life of teenager Stephen Jameson, one of the individuals that represents the next step in human evolution since he has started developing paranormal abilities such as teleporting, telekinesis and hearing voices in his head. When he starts thinking he might be going mad he follows the instructions of one of the voices he can hear in his mind and it leads him to three others who have abilities much like his own, the Tomorrow People. Together they will try and run from Ultra, an association of scientists who sees them as a threat.

Star-Crossed  tells the story of a group of aliens that arrive on planet Earth. Ten years after the landing the humans are making an effort and trying to integrate the Atrians, the alien race, in society. Emily finds herself face to face with Roman, the alien that she hid from the humans the day they arrived. She thought he had been killed. She thought that her life changed completely the day the Atrian space-ship decided to crash-land in her town, but things are just about to get even crazier as the group of aliens try to fit in.

Reign is about the life of young Mary Stuart, most commonly known as Mary Queen of Scots. Mary Stuart has been Queen of Scotland since she was six days old and now that she has come of age she must travel to France to try and secure her alliance through marriage. She feels the chemistry between her and Francis, the King’s son and her most-likely-to-be husband, but she also feels attracted to Francis illegitimate half-brother. The decision of who and when to marry has just gotten a lot harder for Mary Queen of Scots, and a lot more dangerous.

The Originals is the highly-anticipated TVD spin-off.  The Original vampires have decided to move to the mysterious city of New Orleans. After centuries of being together… the Originals have just about got on each others last nerves. In a new city they will try and mend those family ties while fending off danger, protecting each other from threats and making sure Klauss baby by Hailey the werewolf has a chance at being born and becoming Klauss’ heir. But the supernatural creatures of New Orleans are no longer under the city’s creator Klauss and now follow Marcel’s orders which will make things even more difficult for the Originals to be successfull in their mission.

The Vampire Diaries will be back for an all-brand-new 5th season. Elena, Caroline and company are off to college and things are bound to get more interesting. Bonnie is now dead, Jeremy has come back to life, Elena has chosen Damon over Stefan… and Stefan has got himself into a bit of a sticky situation. So there is a lot to look forward to, even some new characters.

The Carrie Diaries has also been renewed for a second season. Carrie and her friends will be back for a whole new set of brand new cringe-filled episodes full of romance, deceit and the city.

Arrow, Beauty and the Beast, America’s Next Top Model, Breaking Pointe, Hart of Dixie, Nikita and Supernatural have also been renewed for a new season.

Shows that didn’t make it were Cult, 90210 and Emily Owens M.D. One of CW’s most watched shows, Gossip Girl, also concluded after six seasons packed with the comings and goings of Manhattan’s Elite.


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