Pretty Little Liars goes out with a BANG!


We all know that the ABC family hit mystery Pretty Little Liars has made it a habit to leave us hanging on the edge of our seats after every mid-season or season finale. This season’s summer finale was no different. Some questions were answered, some secrets revealed — yet we don’t seem any closer to knowing what really happened the night Ali was killed/disappeared.

Lets quickly recap the few key events of the PLL summer finale, Now You See Me, Now You Don’t.

1. Mona and Wren seem to be on the what we once called the “B-Team” with Jenna, Shana and Melissa. After Jenna was attacked and nearly drowned to death, Shana revealing that she couldn’t tell them abything because they were afraid of CeCe Drake and Melissa telling Spencer that she was only trying to protect her makes me wonder if they might actually be on the Liars’ side.

Cece Drake falls to her death --- not quite!
Cece Drake falls to her death — not quite!

2. Emily nearly got sawed in half in a factory and that seen ended up with them all chasing CeCe and eventually see her topple off a walk way to her sure death. But she managed to survive and run away.

3. Ali is most likely alive. The creepy sorority mother from the college near Ravenswood has admitted that she was trying to help Ali escape from someone and that the night she disappeared she actually fished her out from all that dirt. She was scared someone was after her.

Ezra Fitz is A.
Ezra Fitz is A.

4. The Pretty Little Liars were following a girl in a red coat and found yet another of A’s layers and discovered men’s clothes in the wardrobe. Once they left the appartment someone else appears… No other than our very own Ezra Fitz!

Lets remember that it was in last year’s summer finale that we discovered that Toby was a bad guy. So the screen-writers probably won’t go for the same twist, Ezra on the A Team just to protect Aria. So can it possibly be that Ezra is and has been all along the boy in the shorts that Ali met on that holiday? What happened? Why is Ezra still hunting her down and terrorizing her friends?

We’ll have to wait and see what happens. The Halloween 2-hour-long special Let The Made Go will be airing on ABC Family on the 22 October, followed by the series premier of Ravenswood, before going on their winter hiatus until the new year.


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