Lorde – Melodrama

Melodrama album cover

Melodrama can best be described as Lorde’s coming-of-age album. She released her first studio album, Pure Heroin, back in 2013 at the tender age of 16. Back then the lyrics of her songs, the most notable being “Royals” and “Tennis Court”, were a critique of materialism and popular culture. Four years later, Melodrama is a showcase of the artist’s transition into adulthood. At the age of 20, the lyrics to her songs now talk of heartbreak and facing the truth of the real world. In Melodrama, Lorde paints a self-potrait, she analyses her personality and the sometimes self-destructiveness of her attitude.

Still from the “Green light” official music video

Her sound is still fresh and unique. She has very much stuck to her original style, infusing each track with the right amount of quirkiness to keep listeners excited and wanting to hear more. Melodrama is sure to become the soundtrack of the summer. With her husky voice and her unique style, Lorde manages to transform the pop/electronic genre, making it her own. It is no surprise that since the young age of 16, when her first studio album Pure Heroin (2013) was released, Lorde has been showered by praise from both critics and long-standing professionals such as David Bowie who described her as the future of music.




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