Taylor Swift returns

taylor swiftTaylor Swift is back – and it seems it’s with a vengeance.

For days on end she completely disappeared from social media. And then came the cryptic snake videos, followed by the announcement of her new album, Reputation, which will be released on 10th November, and the imminent appearance of her new single. Fans have been waiting for new material from the artist since her incredibly successful 1989 back in 2014.

On 24th August, the lyric video for Look what you made me do was made public. And it seems we can expect a very different Taylor Swift from now on. What is more, in Look what you made me do she sings about how the old Taylor is dead. Taylor Swift has experienced a rebirth and come back as a dark and twisty angel of vengeance. This new Taylor Swift has been wronged and she has learned a lesson and she is going after the people on her black list.

I have to say, 1989 is most probably one of my favourite albums of all time. I’m not a fan of the new Taylor Swift – and it is a real shame. In my opinion, the new single is bland and, as opposed to her previous music, lacks a catchy melody. In my eyes, the new Taylor is petty. Where Blank Space made fun of the media and other celebrities branding her as a serial-dater in a fresh and creative way, Look what you made me do seems to be a sign of Swift stepping back and, even though she writes about learning a lesson, not rising above her critics and enemies. And in the video, which was released during the VMAs, she seems to make fun and undermine her past selves and the way she has responded to the press and her fiends in the past.

I am not going to pass any final judgement on the new Taylor Swift and Reputation until I have listened to the whole album. But so far, not so good.


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