Money Heist

The head behind the heist goes by the nickname Professor. He has been preparing for this robbery for many years. When all that can be planned is planned he brings together a band of experienced criminals – thieves, hackers, the lot. After five months of briefings, it is time to set the plan in motion, the plan for the biggest robbery in history – an … Continue reading Money Heist

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars concluded at the beginning of the summer after running for a whole seven seasons. The teen show had a promising start back in 2011. Alison Dilaurentis, ring leader of the so-called “pretty little liars” had been missing for quite some time. Without her around, Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hannah have grown apart. But then one day, Alison’s body is found burried in … Continue reading Pretty Little Liars


Girls came to an end earlier this year after a successful six-season run on HBO. The series created by writer/director/actress Lena Dunham follows the lives of four young women in their 20s as they face personal and professional struggles in New York as they attempt to find their place in the world. When the series opens up, Hannah (Lena Dunham), an aspiring writer who can’t land … Continue reading Girls

Pretty Little Liars goes out with a BANG!

SPOILERS! We all know that the ABC family hit mystery Pretty Little Liars has made it a habit to leave us hanging on the edge of our seats after every mid-season or season finale. This season’s summer finale was no different. Some questions were answered, some secrets revealed — yet we don’t seem any closer to knowing what really happened the night Ali was killed/disappeared. … Continue reading Pretty Little Liars goes out with a BANG!

The CW: new, renewed and cancelled

The CW announced their new line-up of shows for next season (2013-2014) in New York on May 16th. As we expected the new programming is as great as always, with action packed story lines, including a bit of historical fiction, new mysteries and interesting characters, –vampires, witches, aliens, people with special powers and royals. The 100 is set in a future when the earth has … Continue reading The CW: new, renewed and cancelled

Castle is heartborken, Alexis has been kidnapped!

SPOILERS! Just when it looked like life couldn’t get any better for Richard Castle… it doesn’t. He finally got the girl and he still gets to act like a kid on Christmas every time they have a wacky murder to solve. Life seems picture perfect… until one of their murder cases turns out to involve a kidnapping of two young girls. And one of them … Continue reading Castle is heartborken, Alexis has been kidnapped!

Our favourite characters return to ‘Skins’

Once the sixth season of this succesful British show was over, it was announced that there wouldn’t be a new generation. But that doesn’t mean that there won’t be a seventh seasons of ‘Skins’. E4 is currently undertaking the production of six new episodes in which we will be able to pick up the story of the adult lives of three of our favourite characters: Cassie (Hannah Murray), Cook … Continue reading Our favourite characters return to ‘Skins’